We believe Islam is an awesome religion! It has incredible potential to light up lives, increase productivity, foster more compassionate communities and individual self-improvement! However, we do feel we, as a country lack forums to leverage all this about Islam at a community level. We do have a lot of organizations and individuals working towards institutionalized Islamic learning, which ofcourse is great. But it is also important that we make an extra effort to understand our own journey towards Islam, evaluate our individual progress, work towards taking that one extra step in the right direction - by coming together as a group, listening to spiritual talks, sharing experiences and self-reflecting!

Light the Soul is a simple, 2-day annual retreat that aims to get Muslims together and be introduced to a healthy, discussion based Islamic learning platform via spiritual talks, scholars and more. The initiative will attempt to help participants refresh their Imaan, renew their souls via introspection, share reflections with fellow Muslims, engage in intellectually stimulating discussions about Islam and go back to their everyday lives with a stronger relationship with God - and truly LIVE islam. Above all, the model will be workshop based so that there are REAL actions every individual takes back and hence makes a difference to his/her own life and beyond.

The content of the 2-day retreat is intended to be kept strictly in line with Quran and firm Sunnah. The content will also be kept peripheral so as to be applicable to all sects and bring focus away from any divisional conflicts so as to build focus on the larger Muslim group.


We had our very first Afterglow - Light the Soul Retreat 2018 from June 8-10, 2018 in Karachi. This one was specifically designed for females and we had a total of 22 attendees. We have the next one coming up in 2019, date for which will be announced soon here and on our social media accounts.

The retreat usually is 2-3 days long and may be in any part of Pakistan - the location hasn't been locked yet.
The registration fee for the last retreat was PKR 5000/ - This is subject to change based on the retreat scale and expenses
To find out more, do follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the keywords “Afterglowglobal”.

You can be involved in three different ways - by expressing interest to attend the retreat for 2019, donating and volunteering. Please click on the tabs below as per your interest and fill out some basic details. The Afterglow team will reach out to you accordingly to take this further Insha Allah.