Thank you so much for showing interest in financially contributing to a good cause. You may use the below form to donate to Afterglow itself for the Light the Soul Retreat scheduled for June 2023 or to any Pakistan non-profit organizations listed under the Heal the World page. The form below will request you for the relevant details.

Once done, you will get a confirmation email about your donation providing you with clear next steps to make it happen such as account details etc. In case of contributing to one of the organizations under Heal the World, Afterglow will not be retaining any donations meant for another organization.




    Thank you so much for showing interest in investing your time for a good cause. You may use the below form to volunteer for Afterglow - Light the Soul Reteat coming up in June 2023. or to any Pakistan non-profit organizations listed under the Heal the World page. The form below will request you for the relevant details.:

    Once done, you will get a follow up email with respect to your filled details. In case you have opted to volunteer for one of the organizations under Heal the World, please note since your details will flow to Afterglow first and then to the respective organization, allow us 10 working days to revert back.




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      Q. How are Afterglow, Light the Soul and Heal the World related?

      Afterglow is the parent entity under which Light the Soul and Heal the World are two separate chapters working on two different objectives as defined under each respective section on the website.

      Q. What should I expect from Light the Soul retreat?

      This is a three day event with a holistic spiritual experience. The intent is to take two complete days and leverage them to rejuvenate our faith and go back and lead better lives every day. The event will include workshops designed around spiritual talks leading to REAL actions - on a diverse but relevant range of topics related to everyday life, self- reflections, team building activities and experience sharing.

      Q. What is the purpose of Heal the World?

      We have multiple non-profit organizations working on social causes - related to health, education and environment. However there is a gap between the support needed and the huge population that wants to support them. People don’t know how to reach out, sometimes due to lack of awareness, and sometimes due to being located outside Pakistan. Heal the world aims to fill this gap by showcasing these organizations and their causes on the website and then also enabling people to donate and support these causes by providing facilitating information.

      Q. When is the Light the Soul retreat scheduled?

      The next retreat is scheduled for 24th to 26th March 2023 in Karachi Insha Allah. Please head to the registration page on the website or click here to register

      Q. Will I need to pay for participating in the retreat?

      Afterglow is a non profit organization, hence there is no commercial model behind any initiatives taken under its umbrella. However the retreat has a nominal participation fee of PKR 5,000/- to support our cause and running costs. In case someone is interested and is unable to pay the fee, the person’s interest in the retreat may take precedence and the fee may be waived off.

      Q. How do I make sure that all NGOs present on the website are genuine and will use the donated funds for the indicated reason?

      At Afterglow, we take up organizations after a thorough vetting process. This ensures that the team behind each of these organizations is fully dedicated, self-driven and has a genuine motive to support a good cause. This ensures that all donations or volunteer support offered is used for the indicated purpose.

      Q. What is the source of the reflections posted on the website home page?

      These are personally written by the team behind Afterglow taking inspiration from the Quran. They do sometimes mention excerpts from the Quran and then personal thought arising from the same. These are not attributed to any renowned scholar or particular fiqh.

      Q. The information posted for the causes under Heal the World is not enough for me to make a decision?

      On Heal the World page, every organization posted has its contact details present as well. Please feel free to use that and get in touch with them in case you need more information. Alternatively, go to the Contact tab and visit the Connect section to email the Afterglow team and we will be happy to help.

      Q. I want to be part of the Afterglow team, what do I do?

      In the Contact tab, you may visit the Donate and Volunteer sections and choose to donate to or volunteer for Afterglow. The form would ask for all details we need, and we will get back to you within 10 working days.