To enable a continuous journey of self-reflection and improvement for individuals and communities today, tomorrow and beyond.

The venture’s overall initiatives are staged on the below key themes:

A Simple Religion

our religion is simple and straightforward. It is not supposed to be complicated so let’s keep it simple, always!

A Way Of Life

our religion is truly a way of life and not the name of seclusion so it's imperative that we represent it to be the same.

A Community Culture

the principles and ideologies of our religion are very community based and are established in nurturing communities versus individuals, because - together we are stronger – that’s what we must stand by

How it all Began


The venture is initiated by the Afterglow team as our own journey to self-discover our potential as we try to live our purpose in the world and contribute back to society.

We have been raised, like most of us, as people who revere religion, hold it close to our hearts, and strive to move forward on the journey of righteousness. There is indeed a long way to go, but as long as we are moving, we believe, something is going right!

Our logo fully represents our brand equity and philosophy. Afterglow made up of multiple colors stands for inclusion. Afterglow is meant for you, Afterglow is meant for me - as long as we have the slightest pull towards Islam - Afterglow is for EACH ONE of US, no matter where we are on the journey. The light signified by the visual of the sun in the logo resides inside us and it is the "after" glow of discovering this light where the magic lies. We are set to discover this together for each one of us!

We have two chapters established under Afterglow - Light the Soul and Heal the World.

Light the Soul is a reapplication from the Christian community, via a casual conversation with a co-worker of ours where she mentioned to us annual Christianity retreats she is a part of. What she told us made us envision something that is not just spiritually healing, but is actually FUN! We took a pause and thought why do we not have such an opportunity. Why do we make religion sound like WORK? Islam is such a beautiful and comprehensive religion - if anything, WE should be the ones making it exciting and making it something to look forward to. There it all began - the work on Afterglow – Light the Soul.

Heal the World World is our effort to contribute back to society. We are aware that Allah mentions community work numerous times in the Quran. It makes up a huge part of the meaning of life. Pakistan has some brilliant organizations doing a lot of this work in this area - both in terms of financial investment as well as time investment. The cause is so huge that any step in the direction to add or facilitate what’s going on can be meaningful. Hence, the work started on Afterglow – Heal the World.


Light the Soul This is a simple, two day retreat that aims to invite women from all over Karachi to come together and be introduced to a healthy, discussion based Islamic learning platform. The initiative will attempt to help participants listen to spiritual talks focused on Islam, refresh their Imaan, renew their souls via introspection, share reflections with fellow Muslims, engage in intellectually stimulating discussions about Islam and go back to their everyday lives with a stronger relationship with God - and truly LIVE Islam.

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Heal the World provides one single platform to the participating Pakistan non profit organizations (NPOs), working to promote social causes. Our website enables the donors to make their contributions to these causes via a few simple clicks and any interested volunteers to apply swiftly.

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