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Heal the World provides a single platform to the participating Pakistan Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), working to promote social causes. The website showcases these causes at all times, in a user friendly, easy to navigate way for donors and volunteers. The purpose is twofold – a) to enable donors to make their contributions to these causes via a few simple clicks and b) to allow any interested volunteers to apply swiftly.

NPOs in Pakistan are doing brilliant work and are able to get financial as well as volunteer support. However, the opportunities are vast, and we believe bringing these together on one platform can help a lot. This would allow us to showcase causes, need of funds, need of volunteers all in one space.

The key is to tap into the advantages of technology today and allow those donors and volunteers to contribute - who may have the intent but are not equipped with the right information or means to do so.



The key areas of contribution to the community today are Health, Education and Environment. Below you would see Pakistani NPOs organized under the same.

Simply visit any of the categories below to contribute depending on the cause you want to support. Within the categories you may find details on the organization working on it, details of each cause and how all you can help. This may be volunteer work or financial donations. Depending on what you want to contribute with, select the option and with a few simple clicks you can either sign up as a volunteer OR contribute funds to the cause.

Once done, you will be contacted via email to close the loop – either to confirm your donation or to provide follow up details on volunteer work.

Please note all donations or volunteer forms will flow to Afterglow who will then route to the respective NPO, so please allow 10 working days for us to revert back to you.








Introduction to IWO:

Imkaan Welfare Organization. Established in 2012, our fundamental purpose is to deliver those without means into this world safely and render them to a loving family securely. To provide and ensure quality healthcare, education, and recreation to all children, is our broader initiative. We have due to the support of donor organizations made progress by leaps and bounds. Our presence in Machar Colony has helped the community in providing them with services that are the basic right of every individual. Our projects include: Sehat Ghar (a mother and child health initiative and a maternity home), Khel (a recreational and learning centre for children), Imkaan ghar (a shelter for abandoned babies) and E-guard (a solid waste management project).

Call for action:

Our project Khel, established in Machar colony, is a learning and recreational centre for children. The sole focus of Khel was providing a learning space, a play area and a secure environment for children who work at shrimp peeling factories and are found are involved in antisocial activities in their free time. Khel has expanded its domain by including an informal education component to Khel. The education was included as a response to community demands.
The annual cost for the education component musters up to approximately Rs.1,440,000. Thus to cater to an apparent existent demand Imkaan welfare organization is trying to garner funds to assist the community. Your support can help 150 children receive education, acquire sports skills from qualified coaches and be in a safe and secure environment to learn and grow.

Umme Hamdani

Manager Communications & Coordination

Imkaan Welfare Organization

Address: F25/A, Block 9, Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan

Ph: 0300-2151664

Saaf Suthra Sheher

Saaf Suthra Sheher is working to reduce the human footprint caused by excessive waste generation and unsuitable waste disposal. Through Pappu Recycles, our flagship inorganic waste management initiative, we mainstream recycling into the society, by working together with citizens, especially the youth and the conscious. We are looking for volunteers to be part of this recycling movement and help make our city a better place! Currently, Pappu is active in Islamabad, but plans to travel all across Pakistan to collect your recyclables! To find out more about us, please visit our website www.saafsheher.com, find us on Facebook Pappurecycles, email us pappu@saafsheher.com or call us +92 316 5279758.

Justuju Welfare Organization is a youth initiated and youth led NGO, striving to educate the underprivileged masses since 2011.

The Justuju School is a private project which was initiated by Justuju Welfare Organization in August 2012. Located in Azam Basti, today it caters to 300 plus children belonging to this underprivileged community, from Nursery till Grade 6.

The vision of TJS is to provide good quality education to the students such that they are prepared to compete in the practical world regardless of their social background. To achieve this purpose, the quality standard of the teachers and the teaching methodologies is given utmost importance and is well maintained.

It is because of our generous donors, hardworking staff members, the prayers of the parents of our students, the _justuju_ of our founding members that we continue to work towards our vision of spreading high quality education amongst our youth; we appeal everyone out there to support our cause and help us continue to strive for a better, educated Pakistan.

At present, JWO is faced with a financial crisis. With a requirement of 50 lacs to sustain the Academic year 2017-2018, there is a deficit of 15 lacs. We urge you to help us by donating to us in your capacity and by spreading this message further to family and friends.

Introduction to KDSP:

The Karachi Down Syndrome Program (KDSP), a non-profit organization, was launched in March 2014 by a group of affected parents and passionate individuals who realized a need for a platform of those affected by Down syndrome was evident since the support and resources available to them locally were very limited. KDSP was formed with the goal to advocate the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome living in Karachi and to provide them with the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives. Since its inception, KDSP has been involved in organizing seminars with international speakers and experts coming in, workshops, printing regular newsletters and establishing a helpline for parents, and partnering with educational institutions to promote inclusive education.

KDSP’s Mission:

To be recognized as the foremost organization in Karachi for information, networking, and advocacy for and about Down syndrome, by people with Down syndrome and their families, educators, health care professionals, and the community-at-large.

KDSP’s Vision:

The Karachi Down Syndrome Program envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome are accepted, included and are given the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations and become valued members of welcoming communities.

KDSP’s Purposes:

As the primary advocate of people with Down syndrome in Karachi, KDSP conducts activities such as:

  • 1. Raising general awareness about Down syndrome through electronic and social media campaigns, distribution of material in schools, hospitals, public events, etc.
  • 2. Holding teacher training workshops and seminars to facilitate mainstream schooling of children with Down syndrome
  • 3. Educating parents through theme based meetings and events
  • 4. Creating a resource library containing information and research relating to Down syndrome
  • 5. Events in which people with Down syndrome can participate in, in order to promote an inclusive society including carnivals, fundraisers, and music & art classes, etc.
  • 6. Providing Early Childhood Intervention Support for children with Down syndrome
  • Following are the details:
  • Phone: 021-34315377 or 0334-3355377
  • Email: info@kdsp.org.pk
  • Website: www.kdsp.org.pk
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/kdsprogram