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Light the Soul This is a simple, two day retreat that aims to invite women from all over Karachi to come together and be introduced to a healthy, discussion based Islamic learning platform. The initiative will attempt to help participants listen to spiritual talks focused on Islam, refresh their Imaan, renew their souls via introspection, share reflections with fellow Muslims, engage in intellectually stimulating discussions about Islam and go back to their everyday lives with a stronger relationship with God - and truly LIVE Islam. We have an exciting retreat coming up. Interested?

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My biggest gift from Ramadan 2016 was dua! Taking out 5 minutes post Namaz to just ask Allah for what you want is magical! And He asks us to ask Him, to pray to Him, an we totally under rate this. How much more cool can this get - There is Someone out there who can give you ALL, and all HE needs is you to ask Him. Amazing! It has worked wonders for me. Other than getting what you want, you get so much more - the peace after talking to Him is unmatched. It's a beautiful gift, let's embrace it!

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Heal The

Heal the World provides one single platform to the participating Pakistan non profit organizations (NPOs), working to promote social causes. This website enables the donors to make their contributions to these causes via a few simple clicks and any interested volunteers to apply swiftly.

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